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Hi, our names are Hernando Salom and Leonardo Salom, and we're two brothers from Colombia who just decided to start their journey of developing video games with our own Game Development Studio:

Right now we're working on our very first project: EGO Pollution Madness, a 2D open-world action platformer that combines a fast and skillful game mode with puzzle-solving and a captivating narrative, which you'll enjoy through the exploration of a huge futuristic environment composed of non-linear areas where pollution has life on the verge of extinction.

You play as Proto, a little hero with a mission to help restore the forces of the elemental spirit of life, fighting pollution monsters created by an evil corporation. As you help the spirit of life regain its strength, you'll gain experience, skills, improvements for your cyber prosthesis and allies to help you in your adventure. You'll learn how the planet reached this terrible situation where life is not sustainable, as well as understand the responsibility, and the actions that we humans must avoid to prevent this possible future.  

In this Alpha Demo, you can try some of the mechanics that we have incorporated, and have a sneak peek at the cyberpunk art we have created and developed. We hope you enjoy playing it and give us some feedback to improve and move forward with this project. 



If you discover any bugs and/or find the game runs slow, don't hesitate to contact us through (demo alpha isn't fully optimized and may run slower on older machines). 


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Install instructions

extract the demo folder from the zip file (.7z) and run the file with this icon: 


EGO (Alpha Demo).7z 27 MB
EGO (Alpha Demo) x32.7z 25 MB


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Esta bueno el juego, le pondría un poco menos de vida a los enemigos, salvo que la idea sea mas esquivar que matar.

Despues, hay un bug a la hora de pausar el juego, estando en el menu de opciones y al entrar en controller, vuelves a presionar ESC y el juego vuelve a Time.timeScale=1

Tambien a la hora de usar "Grip" estaría bueno que cambie automáticamente la vista al lado que se suelta y no que siga mirando al mismo lado, para que quede acorde con la animación anterior.


This is a nice concept you guys have.
As player I had some problems with the keyboard gameplay, there are too many buttons in different locations complicating the gameplay. i'm a terrible platformer gamer, but the yoyo mechanic is a pretty cool touch to this genre.

Some of the features, like the slow and the parallax enviroment, need more "juice" and feedback to the player.

You need to implement the audio ASAP in order to achieve a whole inmersion in the atmosphere you created here.

Go for it!! Can't wait to have the whole game published.

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Game is quite nice for an alpha, after understanding the yo-yo mechanic(it cost me work) it was quite simple to go through the levels, although I did died a lot and I think it would be better not to go back to the start menu :/

The game is quite interesting, although I think it is somewhat difficult to learn the controls, and as the other comments say it, it is a pity the lack of music and effects, but once you have them, the experience will be better.

I also bugged the game a couple of times but my favorite time was the arm  :v , I’ll show you:

Hope to see the full game soon

This game has solid gameplay, the slowdown effect is curious when the player hits enemies, is clear that sound effects in a future version will increase that sensation, the character moves smoothly and his abilities are simple to use, it´s a difficult game based on the player abilities and takes a lot of inspiration from Metroidvania games, looks promising. Good luck with the full game development :)

Very good game, although it is a shame it lacks of music and sound effects. The "pendulum" (aka Bayaq) mechanic feels awesome and is my favorite one, I hope you guys design more levels that require its use. 

I like the aesthetics and some of the particle effects. The "final boss" was kind of easy, but I have a fun time exploring the level. The parallax feels weird in some parts, specially in the foreground. And you should make some specific animations when dying in acid and spikes. I don't know if it is a problem with my PC, but when I get hit the animation of the character slows down.

I got kind of stuck in a specifi place in the level (screenshot attached), but I maneged to escape pressing buttons like a loco.

Keep working on this Salom Brothers!

I already played it and I really liked it. The graphics are very pretty, I love it. The feedback is well adjusted, it feels very good. Although I have already lost many times, ;b I have to keep trying. Nice job! Congrats, TWO BROTHERS.