We are so happy that our game is one of the finalists for BIG Impact: Social Matters at the BIG Festival May 3-9 2021

Dr. Moni Little Hospital is a videogame developed by 
for the #AdventureJam that took place between Abril 21 - May 5, 2020.
This project wants to create awareness about the situation in which most of the medical personnel around the world is right now, a situation in which they are the ones who have to fight a new virus while lacking the essential medical protection equipment to keep themselves, and others around them safe.
The game also wants to shed a light into the problem of wasting resources in other non-essential stuff, something that almost every government around the world is doing.
Finally, this project is also an homage to all of the medical personnel that is exposing themselves right now for the benefit of us all. Thank you, we appreciate what you are doing, and we hope thing would change for the better over time.
In Dr. Moni Little Hospital, you´ve got to help Dr. Moni test COVID-19 patients while keeping her safe from getting infected using the necessary Medical Protection Equipment, or by improvising safety accessories from unusual items.

If you want to check Dr. Moni's Official Soundtrack, click the link below...



If you discover any bugs and/or find the game runs slow, don't hesitate to contact us through. 

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Hi you submitted your game to me for a play through on my channel. Here it is.

Thanks for playing our game.
We developed it for the AdventureJam2021 with the intention of thanking the healthcare staff.
It has two other endings XD

Amazing. Multiple endings are great!